FAQs About Our Jaco Adventure Tours

In all the excitement of planning adventures in the jungle with Costa Rica Waterfall Tours, you will understandably have some questions come to mind. Who wouldn’t be curious to know more about rappelling down a waterfall, jumping off a cliff into a natural pool, or driving an ATV through the rainforest?

This is where our FAQs come in! Whether you’re joining us for adventure tours in Jaco, Jaco waterfall and canyoning tours, or a little of both, we’ve answered some of the most common questions we receive below.

Of course, if we haven’t addressed your query here, you can always get in touch for the answers you need. We’re here to help!

Jaco Adventure Tours: Your Questions Answered

Should We Book Tours Prior To Arrival?

Some of the tours fill up, so it is good to book them prior to arrival.

Do You Have Insurance?

Yes, we carry insurance, and all of the tour providers we work with carry the required insurance.

Is It Safe?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? Over the last 12+ years, we have taken over 10,000 people on our adventures. We have taken out every age from 2-80 and all ability types, from jungle warrior to incredible doofus, and no one has needed medical attention that could not be fixed with a bandaid and a little ice. Our tours are designed for the first-timer! Our backup and safety systems are designed to allow you to do all the activities on your own while allowing us to keep you safe in case you do everything wrong.

What Should I Wear?

Your swimsuit under your clothes, ideally quick-drying clothes, and shoes that will stay on and will get wet. No flip-flops!!! Slip-on water shoes are great as they tend to grip really well in the water. Tennis shoes and strap-on sandals also are a good choice.

What Should I Bring?

Camera, water, bug spray, and sunblock. A towel and a change of clothes if you like.

Is It Safe Or Appropriate For Kids?

As there are varying difficulty levels to all tours, please advise us if you are traveling with children under the age of 10 for our Canyoning or Zipline tours. Sometimes children require extra effort and attention from the guides and we want to ensure that we are staffed properly.

What About Old People Or People With Physical Limitations?

Our Canyoning tour has been enjoyed by people up to age 80, people who limp, people with a prosthetic leg, and people over 300 pounds!! With that said, it is required that you have at least moderate balance and the energy to hike and stay on your feet. (We won’t carry you, sorry!) Our waterfall tours have different levels of hiking and terrain. If you are concerned if a tour is appropriate for your group just email us first and we will help you decide which adventure is best for you.

Will I Get Wet?

We sure hope you do! For our waterfall tours, it is up to you if you want to swim or jump in. However, for Canyoning one of the things that makes it so exciting is that you are rappelling down the middle of a waterfall!

Should We Tip Or Is It Included?

Gratuity is not included, nor is it required. However, if you feel that your guides did a wonderful job, tipping would be appropriate and is greatly appreciated. A fairly standard tip for a deserving guide could be 10-15% per person.

Do Your Tour Guides Speak English?

Yes, all of our guides are bilingual and speak English and Spanish.

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